ILHC 2012 Drinking Game

As you may well know, this year are doing a LIVE broadcast of ILHC, The International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, DC. We are just a little bit excited to say the least. To celebrate this from all the way across the pond in ‘sunny’ Liverpool, we decided to have a load of friends over for our brand new… ILHC DRINKING GAME. Continue reading


ESDC 2012- How we competed for one thing, but won something entirely different.

We are not long back from our biggest adventure yet, the European Swing Dance Championships! We achieved our goal- we made it to Barcelona, we competed with the top dogs, the big guns and the dog’s bigguns and we… came 8th of 10 couples in the Classic Lindy Hop Showcase! Which was pretty amazing seeing as we were beaten by 7 professional couples. Continue reading

How we ended up competing at the European Swing Dance Championships with 0% experience but 100% massive smiles on our faces

So roughly 6 months ago I booked a place to compete in the Classic Lindy Hop Showcase division of the European Swing Dance Championships. With someone who I had barely ever danced with, who lived in a different city, and who, like me, had never entered into competition like this before. And now here we are, 6 months of training later, and this is it. The big one. How on earth did we get here?! Continue reading

Square One…. Why starting a Lindy scene from scratch isn’t all that simple.

So for those of us who are in the lindy scene- we all love lindy hop and everything that comes with it, and cannot even begin to understand why absolutely everyone isn’t doing it. Well there are many, many reasons for this of course, and I hope to uncover a few and find antidotes to them as I attempt to kick start a Lindy Hop scene in Liverpool, England.

* “But what is Lindy Hop?” Continue reading

Lindy Hop Vs Improv Comedy

So as some of you may know, as well as being a keen swing dancer, I’m also a comedy improviser. This term can mean many things, most of you will recognise this as being what they do in “whose line is it anyway”, well imagine that… but better J Add to this an image of ‘long form’ as being an extension of one of the whose line games, where players will take one character and run with it for anything from 10 minutes to 50 hours (yes- that does really happen!). So the reason for this most recent of my blog posts is that more and more in my mind the two have been fusing, and I have been exploring how the fundamentals of each can be used to explain the other.

So here it goes, Continue reading

What makes a Lindy Hop ‘masterpiece’?

Inspired by Channel 4’s series about the science behind what makes us like a work of art, a piece of music or a film, we have been trying to figure out what components make a Lindy-hop routine a ‘masterpiece’.

When choreographing an important routine, the temptation is always to over-think, over plan and be over-critical about everything you do. In light of this, I have decided to embark upon an experiment into how watching a lindy routine can make you feel and whether there is an fact a formula for writing a killer number. Yes. It’s over-thinking to the nth degree. But after all, it is the European Swing Dance Championships. Continue reading

Welcome to Cat and Alex’s “Road to the European Swing Dance Championships!”

One fateful day in the summer of 2011, a young scamp met an old crazy granny at a dance event in Leeds. They did some lindy. It was fun. The young scamp then asked the granny if she had ever entered a routine in an international Lindy Hop competition. She wistfully replied ‘not really’. The scamp looked disappointed, but as he turned to leave, a whisper of a thought crossed his face. Simultaneously the Granny had the exact same thought. They turned to each other and exclaimed ‘Let’s enter the European Swing Dance Championships!’

The rest, as they say… is history. Continue reading